Safe City 10K

Mar 08, 2018 [Thursday]

Safe City 10K

Vadodara, Gujarat, India

  • 08 Mar [Thu] - 8:00PM
    5 + 1 Offer applied.
  • 08 Mar [Thu] - 8:00PM
    5 + 1 Offer applied.

Address : Vadodara, Gujarat, India

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Terms & Conditions 

  • Participants should be 12 years of age and above. Participants below the age of 16 would require special approval of parents/guardian.
  • ID proof like copy of passport, driver’s license, with clear visible photo is a must for completing your registration.
  • All registrations will be confirmed only after full payment is received. An email confirming the registration after successful payment has been made will be sent to participants.
  • Your participation category cannot be changed once payment has been made. No requests will be entertained, on or before the run for the same.
  • All participants are responsible for their own health & well being during the event/Run. Safecity10k organizers will in no way be responsible for any injury/accident, or illness caused during the event/Run, or as a result of the Run.
  • Aid Stations will be placed throughout the route. However, participants are requested to carry their medicines to ensure their personal safety & well-being.
  • Reporting

    All participants are expected to report at 8:30pm.

    BIB Collection

    Details of BIB Collection Centers will be sent via email to all registered participants 4-5 days prior to the event. Remember you should have completed your payment process in order to receive the BIB. The same information will also be published on the website. 

    All participants must collect their BIB before the event date, by presenting a valid proof of registration, payment and ID proof. In case a participant is unable to collect his/her BIB personally, a representative may collect it on their behalf after presenting a valid proof of such participant's registration, payment, representative's ID, and an authorization letter from the participant. BIBS will not be distributed on Event Day.

  • Start / Finish & Cut off Time

    Start and finish points of both 5K and 10K races are defined.

    5K: Cut off time for this segment is 1 hr.. Timing will be noted based on Overhead Clock on the finish line.

    10K: Cut off time for 10K Run is 1hr.45 mins. Timing will be noted based on Overhead Clock on the finish line.

  • Run Directors and Marshalls

    Run Marshalls will be posted across the race route. All participants are required to follow their instructions at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification or heavy penalties or both, depending on the nature of unruly conduct. Please note that no refunds will be processed in such a scenario to any participant found in violation. The decision of the Run Marshalls will be final and binding on all.

  • Refunds

    No refunds will be entertained once a participant has registered and made the payment. If the event is cancelled due to any unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, the registration fee paid by participants will be refunded, within reasonable time.

  • Code of Conduct

    All participants are expected to behave in the spirit of sportsmanship towards organizers and with each other. Unruly participants will be immediately disqualified /asked to leave the event without any refunds and will be immediately escorted out of the event venue/run.

  • Finishers' Certificates

    Certificates will be available online only.

  • Update in Rules

    Rules and Regulations of the event are subject to change at any time without notice. It is therefore a participant's responsibility to visit this page regularly to ensure that they are up-to-date with every rule and regulation inscribed on this website for the purpose of this event.

  • Photo Copyright

    Every competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic copyright during the event, and he/she relinquishes any recourse against the organizer and against his approved partners for the use of their image. Only the organizers can pass on these rights for the image in any media, via an accreditation or an adapted license.


Q: What is Online Registration?
A: Online Registration is the process by which the participant can register through web or through App. Even if the person is not from Vadodara he/she can still proceed with Vadodara Navrati Festival Registration but it is mandatory to provide local Vadodara address for courier delivery of pass. The address where the courier will be delivered must have the ID of the participant.
Q: How can I Register Online?
A: You can go to our website or download our app. Click on the registration tab for which you want to register, fill the required details and follow the steps given.
Q: How can I Register offline?
A: You can visit our offline booking centres along with the copy of required Id proof and documents. And you can register offline.
Q: How will I get my player's pass?
A: You will get your pass delivered through courier at the address you specified in the registration form (Vadodara city limits only).
You can collect your passes from our Box Office at Gokul Baugh, Race course.
Q: Are there any courier charges?
A: Yes. Courier charges will be Rs.50, per courier.
Q: Are there separate registration forms for male and female participants?
A: Yes.
Q: Are there any male categories?
A: Yes, there are two categories for male participants, who are applying for season performer pass
1) Male Performer
2) Male Students Performer
Q: Will female player get daily player pass?
A: No. Every female player will get only Season female performer pass worth Rs.200. No other pass will be issued.
Q: How many modes of payment are there?
A: There is online payment facility through Net banking and Credit/Debit Card.
You can make cash payment at our booking counters stated in address column.
Q: Can I opt for “Cash on Delivery” on online payment mode?
A: No, this option is not available.
Q: Is there any dress code for Players?
A: Yes. Mandatory Dress Code for Male performer is Long Kurta & for female performer it is Chania Choli.
Q: What should I do in following circumstances?
•   In case I do not receive the receipt after registration
•   While making online payment, amount is debited from my account but no registration confirmation received
•   Any technical failure faced during registration
A: You can call on our call centre number: 080-306-95484
Q: For any other event related query, whom should I contact?
A: For any other event related query, you can call us on 990449926 & 9904499775.
You can visit our Main office at Gokul Baugh, Race Course.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: The Amount once paid is non-refundable. And the player Card is non-transferable. Non- compliance of this will result in confiscation of the smart card.
Q: What is Food Festival? Who all can avail the facility of food festival?
A: Food festival is a part of Vadodara Navratri Festival, but it has a separate entry and exit. Anyone can avail the paid facility of food festival.
Q: Does my Vadodara Navratri Festival’s Player pass include free food at Food festival?  
A: No. Player pass does not include free food or any such facility. Food provided at food festival is chargeable.
Q: What Should I do in case I lost my pass?
A: If you find your card missing/lost, Contact compere near stage or volunteers at temple area on ground.
Duplicate card will be issued by paying Rs.500 donation which is non-refundable.
Q: What if anyone at ground found misbehaving?
A: Unruly behaviour won’t be tolerated in any circumstances; if anyone found misbehaving, he/she will be handed over to the Security and reported for the same.
Q: In case of any emergency, whom shall I contact?
A: In case of any emergency or assistance required, you can contact volunteers of Vadodara Navratri Festival, present on the ground.

Event Description

This woman’s day Round Table India and Ladies Circle India present SafeCity10k, wherein women of Vadodara will create the biggest, boldest sea of violet to ever sweep through Vadodara. With every age, fitness level and personality you can imagine taking part, it’s going to be quite the party!

The sea of Violet is a powerful symbol of support, showing every woman that they are not alone. In fact, there are thousands of women willing to fill the streets to express their support for education and self sustainability. All the funds raised from this event will be used to support those women who need help to become economically self-reliant and for education of underprivileged girls.

Venue: Navlaki Grounds

8PM to 9:30PM: All women participants get together and enjoy a fun music concert/DJ  and food

10PM to Midnight:  5 KM & 10 KM Run/walk 


Whether you walk, run or just have fun, it is all about getting together with friends and family and having a great evening full of happiness and good times! There will be lots of fun like dancing, zumba, self defense moves, one-minute contests. Themes like Twinning with your bestie, Saas-bahu Jodi, OH! Womania, BFF’s and of course good food!


Come help us turn Vadodara Violet!  Support girl education & Women self sustainability