Mar 21, 2018 [Wednesday]

Suncity Club & Resort

Suncity Club & Resort, Effluent Canal Project Rd, Gotri-Sherkhi road, Vadodara, Gujarat 391330, India

  • 21 Mar [Wed] - 12:00AM - 22 Mar [Thu]
    5 + 1 Offer applied.
  • 21 Mar [Wed] - 12:00AM - 22 Mar [Thu]
    5 + 1 Offer applied.
  • 21 Mar [Wed] - 12:00AM - 22 Mar [Thu]
    5 + 1 Offer applied.

Address : Suncity Club & Resort, Effluent Canal Project Rd, Gotri-Sherkhi road, Vadodara, Gujarat 391330, India

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  1. Early Bird discounts on registration is available only till 10th March 2018.
  2. Registration Fees once paid will not be returned in any situation.
  3. Registration done via TICKETNSHOW will b only be counted as valid as there is no other source of registration for the members who are attending the event.
  4. No complimentary or discounts will be provided to any guest other than early bird discount will be available till 10th March’18 only.
  5. No Alcohol will allowed during the event at venue for the guest attending the event from Gujarat.  
  6. In case of any confusions / consequences / issues, decision taken by Vadodara Estate Broker’s Association will be considered as final.
  7. All Members will have to compulsory register them self in order to attend the event and on the event day will have to present them self at the registration desk.
  8. Members registering for this event are agreeing to be registered automatically for the sub activity – Luck Draw, which will happen three times on the event day.
  9. Members attending the event are sole responsible for their personal belongings and VEBA holds no responsibility in case of any loss or damage regarding the same.
  10. Members are requested to register themselves according to the category to which they belong, for which, the options are available in the system.
  11. All legal proceedings are subjected to Vadodara jurisdiction only.


Q: What is Online Registration?
A: Online Registration is the process by which the participant can register through web or through App. Even if the person is not from Vadodara he/she can still proceed with Vadodara Navrati Festival Registration but it is mandatory to provide local Vadodara address for courier delivery of pass. The address where the courier will be delivered must have the ID of the participant.
Q: How can I Register Online?
A: You can go to our website www.vadodaranavratri.com or download our app. Click on the registration tab for which you want to register, fill the required details and follow the steps given.
Q: How can I Register offline?
A: You can visit our offline booking centres along with the copy of required Id proof and documents. And you can register offline.
Q: How will I get my player's pass?
A: You will get your pass delivered through courier at the address you specified in the registration form (Vadodara city limits only).
You can collect your passes from our Box Office at Gokul Baugh, Race course.
Q: Are there any courier charges?
A: Yes. Courier charges will be Rs.50, per courier.
Q: Are there separate registration forms for male and female participants?
A: Yes.
Q: Are there any male categories?
A: Yes, there are two categories for male participants, who are applying for season performer pass
1) Male Performer
2) Male Students Performer
Q: Will female player get daily player pass?
A: No. Every female player will get only Season female performer pass worth Rs.200. No other pass will be issued.
Q: How many modes of payment are there?
A: There is online payment facility through Net banking and Credit/Debit Card.
You can make cash payment at our booking counters stated in address column.
Q: Can I opt for “Cash on Delivery” on online payment mode?
A: No, this option is not available.
Q: Is there any dress code for Players?
A: Yes. Mandatory Dress Code for Male performer is Long Kurta & for female performer it is Chania Choli.
Q: What should I do in following circumstances?
•   In case I do not receive the receipt after registration
•   While making online payment, amount is debited from my account but no registration confirmation received
•   Any technical failure faced during registration
A: You can call on our call centre number: 080-306-95484
Q: For any other event related query, whom should I contact?
A: For any other event related query, you can call us on 990449926 & 9904499775.
You can visit our Main office at Gokul Baugh, Race Course.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: The Amount once paid is non-refundable. And the player Card is non-transferable. Non- compliance of this will result in confiscation of the smart card.
Q: What is Food Festival? Who all can avail the facility of food festival?
A: Food festival is a part of Vadodara Navratri Festival, but it has a separate entry and exit. Anyone can avail the paid facility of food festival.
Q: Does my Vadodara Navratri Festival’s Player pass include free food at Food festival?  
A: No. Player pass does not include free food or any such facility. Food provided at food festival is chargeable.
Q: What Should I do in case I lost my pass?
A: If you find your card missing/lost, Contact compere near stage or volunteers at temple area on ground.
Duplicate card will be issued by paying Rs.500 donation which is non-refundable.
Q: What if anyone at ground found misbehaving?
A: Unruly behaviour won’t be tolerated in any circumstances; if anyone found misbehaving, he/she will be handed over to the Security and reported for the same.
Q: In case of any emergency, whom shall I contact?
A: In case of any emergency or assistance required, you can contact volunteers of Vadodara Navratri Festival, present on the ground.

Event Description

21st March is selected to be the world realtors’ day by NAR – India. In this regards, Vadodara chapter of this body is organizing the convention in which the members and non-members will be invited from all over the India. It is most important convention for the body as it will not only be a regular event but also an opportunity to network with the people from the similar field across India, which in return will redefine and provide the horizons of doing the business. It will also help to bring the new innovations and researches over a single platform at a single time. Real Estate brokers will be the major crowd of this event as the VEBA is working towards the development of real estate broking business at a local level being In-line to the vision of its parent Body - NAR.


VEBA has decided to educate the realtors with the knowledge of RERA, GST and ECONOMICS and has decided to keep these three topics as the central idea and the theme of the event. VEBA proposes the name U.R.G.E for this convention which means, UNDERSTANDING RERA, GST & ECONOMICS, aka U.R.G.E.


URGE is an English word, refers to the have a strong desire of achieving something and hence, VEBA has decided to involve the topics on RERA and GST which will educate the realtors about the ongoing changes and rules and its respective importance in the industry. Understanding the topics well will help in growing the business and keep the realtors update with the latest knowledge, which in turn will help them to support the Indian economy.


Apart from this, it will provide a platform to them to network with the crowd having the similar business venture and by acquiring the details of the important changes that the industry is going through.